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Questions & Answers

What is The Cost, and How Do I Start?

our corporate entity charges a total document fee of $999.00. To start, complete the Timeshare Submission Form (by clicking on the "START" Button). All documents will be sent to you within 24 hours. Our fee is payable at closing.

Is This Legal?

Both Federal and all State laws allow the owner of real property to sell or gift his property/timeshare to whoever he desires. Your Deeded timeshare is owned by you in "Fee Simple Absolute" or shortened to Fee.

Is the Owner's name still on the Loan?

If there is a Loan, it is secured by the Timeshare Unit. In selling or gifting the property to our corporate entity, our corporate entity takes full responsibility for the property and any liens attached to it. If your Timeshare is free and clear, this is not applicable.

Do I need permission from the Resort?

The Timeshare is a fractional Deeded Ownership. The Timeshare Company, like a Condominium Association, has no choice but to accept this transfer of interest.

Isn't This Too Easy?

The person who sells or gifts a Timeshare to our corporation is someone who has made the decision to "walk away" from that Timeshare. Once the decision is made, you owe it to yourself and your family to put “the best possible spin” on an unfortunate situation.

I have paid advertising companies to list the timeshare with no result?

We are not selling advertising. We will record the Deed and take you out of ownership of the Timeshare. You will have no further interest whatsoever in that Timeshare Unit.

How Long Does This Take to do?

We can have you deeded out of the ownership of your property in two or three days. We Record Deeds electronically in over 1,400 Counties, and recording typically takes between 10 Minutes and 2 Hours.

What type of Timeshare do you accept?

We accept all Timeshares in the United States that have a Deeded Ownership. If you Fax your Ownership Deed to (800) 291-4555 or scan and email it as an attachment to, we will review the document and advise you whether or not we can accept your Timeshare.our corporate entity is acting in the capacity of a Principal and not a Timeshare Transfer Company.

May my Broker, Accountant, or Attorney Contact You?

We appreciate your concerns and are pleased to discuss and explain our Timeshare Program with your professional advisor.

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