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Never pay an ADVANCE FEE to sell your timeshare!

For years, we've advised sellers not to pay a fee in advance to list a time share for sale. A company that asks you for money before they've sold your unit is more interested in getting the listing than making a sale.They'll promise a fast sale at a high price because every listing they take is money in the bank.

We recommend you do not pay a fee, including a refundable fee, to list or advertise.

Here's the low down on some of the other "come-ons" to watch out for!Advertising companies will offer to sell your property with no commission, just an upfront fee to advertise.They are advertising companies with no legal authority to negotiate on your behalf, write a contract, or assist in any way with the mechanics of selling your time share.And they will tell you anything you want to hear about the value of your ownership...they're in the business of selling advertising, not timeshares.

Cold Hard Facts about Selling Your Timeshare.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but selling a timeshare is very, very difficult and in some cases almost impossible. Since you are reading this you are likely in the market to sell your timeshare, so please read on for some very enlightening information! Here you will not read what you want to hear, you won't discover that it is easy to sell your timeshare, or that this is the "best time ever to sell". You will get the truth and only the truth, and that truth can save you thousands of dollars in wasted fees, not to mention endless headaches surrounding the process of selling your timeshare in the resale market!

You are here because your Resort, even if your Deed may possibly give them the "right of first refusal" for a sale, has indicated to you that the Resort told you "They do not have a buy-back program"!

Why is selling a timeshare so tough?

The main reason is supply and demand. The supply of timeshare resales greatly exceed the demand for resales.

Fact is with this information, combined with the struggling economy here in the past years and ever increasing maintanance fees, sellers outnumber buyers by a huge margin. This has driven the prices of resales down to levels never before seen in this industry. Some timeshares have depreciated over 99%, and it is more and more common for individuals to actually list their timeshares for a single dollar in hopes that someone will take it over for them! While we are not saying this is the case for all timeshares, it is certainly a much different message than you would read on other resale websites that want nothing more than for you to pay them money in the hopes your timeshare will get sold. If someone tells you differently, they are lying to you...and are just about to ask you to pay them money.

Remember, telling you the TRUTH is not going to get you to part with your money, as who would pay knowing their timeshare has zero chance of selling, in most cases, at any price whatsoever!

Remember how you got involved in timeshares.

It was probably in response to a promotional offering with some type of free gifts or vacations. Then, you where probably only informed about the developer's property and prices. Nothing at all about resales, even if they were available at the same resort. The developer spends between 40 and 60% of the selling price of the timeshare just to MARKET each unit at a new resort. Then because of their over inflated prices and high pressure sales tactics, many people buy without really knowing what they are getting involved in. Being shown a book full of 1000's of resorts and being told they could trade to any of them they wanted. No wonder so many timeshare owners get discouraged and want out.... creating the glut of supply.

If you own a Timeshare that is Located in the United States, our corporate entity will either buy or accept a gift of your Timeshare for a total fee of $999.00. Our corporation is acting in the capacity of a Principal and not a Timeshare Transfer Company.

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